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#1 Epoxy Coating Services In Warwick, RI

DNap Construction specializes in enhancing concrete surfaces throughout Warwick RI. From garages and basements to patios and walkways, our high-quality epoxy coatings not only raise  aesthetics but also ensure long-lasting durability. Trust us to protect your investment and enhance the appeal of your property for years to come.


Garage Concrete Coatings

Revamp your garage into a pristine and secure area with our premium epoxy coatings. Ideal for the fluctuating weather of Warwick RI, our garage coatings offer slip-resistant features, easy maintenance, and exceptional durability against everyday wear and tear.



Basement Concrete Coatings

Upgrade your basement with our top-notch epoxy coatings, transforming it into a waterproof and visually appealing space. Designed for Warwick RI homes, our solutions combine functionality and style, guaranteeing that your basement remains a valuable asset to your property.


Patio & Walkway Concrete Coatings

Enhance your outdoor living space with our beautiful patio and walkway coatings. Crafted to endure Warwick RI’s climate, our coatings are available in a range of finishes and colors, enriching your home’s curb appeal and outdoor leisure.


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For all your concrete coating needs, turn to DNap Construction – Warwick’s trusted name in concrete coatings.

Quality Assurance

We use only the highest-grade materials, ensuring your concrete surfaces are durable, weather-resistant, and beautiful.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our top-quality services, providing excellent value for your investment.

DNap Construction

Why Choose DNap Construction?

What makes us stand out is our personalized approach. We recognize the individuality of each property and provide customized epoxy coating solutions that align with your style and functional needs.

  • Local Expertise

  • Customized Solutions

  • Durability and Easy Maintenance

  • Customer Satisfaction

Will your epoxy coating services enhance the value of my property in Warwick?

Yes, our epoxy coating services can significantly enhance the value of your property in Warwick by providing durable, attractive, and long-lasting protection to surfaces such as garage floors, driveways, and patios.

Can epoxy coatings be applied outdoors in Warwick, RI?

Absolutely! In addition to our garage and basement epoxy coating services, we also offer specialized patio & walkway concrete coating services tailored specifically for outdoor surfaces in Warwick, RI. Our durable coatings provide excellent protection against the elements while enhancing the appearance and longevity of your outdoor spaces.

Do you offer customizable epoxy coating options to suit my preferences and style

Absolutely! We understand that every customer in Warwick has unique preferences and aesthetic requirements. That's why we offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and customization options for our epoxy coatings, allowing you to create a personalized look that complements your style and enhances the beauty of your space

How long does it take to apply the epoxy coatings?

The time it takes to apply epoxy coatings depends on the size of the area and the specific type of coating being used. On average, it can take anywhere from one to three days to complete the application process.

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